What's The Story?

About Us

Salty Yogi Souls is a regenerative active wear brand for the conscious buyer. We want to put it all on the table and be as frank as possible about the products you are buying from us.

The products we offer are for all the like minded souls that are as passionate as us in knowing that the purchases they are making are coming from a sustainable and regenerative process we can all be proud of. From the beach clean ups to our suppliers who put these garments together, equally the recycled materials used for the process involved in making our feel good product.


We are two salty sailors who are eager to make a difference to our planet and be part of the regeneration process! We offer high quality unique active wear for the conscious buyer that they can wear again and again until they're ready to be recycled.


Beyond this we want to build a community of people who believe in our ethos, so that you can wear our product with a smile knowing that with each purchase made, is a difference made to our planet, all the while feeling how beautiful our leggings are on!


Or if you just love our kick ass designs as much as we do, then just go ahead and try a pair of our leggings on and feel like the f**king princess you are.

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