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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Plastic is something we all use in our daily lives. It is only when we become more aware, that we see how it seems to creep up in all the essential things we use. It is our choice to either take action and consciously make the change to buy more sustainable products and stop living in this ‘throw away society’.

Plastic pollution is one of the most distressing environmental issues we are facing. The production of disposable plastic products is most visible in developing Asian and African nations, as there is next to none or nonexistent rubbish collection system to recycle or reuse any of these single use plastic items. In the developed world I believe we have no excuse for the low recycling rates and not being able to properly discard and reuse the plastic that is currently destroying our plant.

We are now responsible for how we have allowed this to happen. We have to take the time to learn how to reverse the actions from the past. Lack of education on this topic will lead us to continue damaging our oceans and planet further.

Plastics are made from fossil fuels and are only just over a century old. After World War II plastics gave the world a new outlook on life saving medical devices, incubators, a way to provide clean drinking water, helmets, advanced cars, space exploration and so many remarkable advances that where revolutionary for the times. Unfortunately we have taken this new found material and we have allowed it to become a convenience for our ‘throw away society’ that we are so comfortable to reside in. We need to wake up and see that single plastic bag or straw we use, as having a life span of mere minutes, perhaps a few hours to our initial use for it, and the grim catastrophic result is that it will last as poison in the environment for hundreds of years.

We need to stop single use plastic, we now have the choice, so make yours a plastic free one.

We are not just one person, your actions are the solution to help guide the future generations to be able to see the beauty in our oceans, and walk in nature and enjoy everything she has to offer us. Patience is mother earths biggest secret, she will heal and grow again but we need to take initiative now to educate ourselves, our family, friends and spread hope back into the space in which we thrive. As we all know actions speak louder than words.


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